12-22HR SUN

Have you ever had a Macarrito? No? It’s a burrito with macaroni cheese in it.
We do it. And possibly invented it. And it’s totally on the menu along with a heap of other taste sensations.

The Duck’s food fair speaks for itself. It’s an understated, but delicious, approach to diner food. Expect bar service and burgers, macaroni cheese and decadent milkshakes (alcoholic or non), dawgs, subs and a superb banana split.

Everything is free from animal produce and we’ve been working hard to provide a decent whack of gluten free options.

If you want to book a table, give us a call on 0141 564 1450, you don’t need to, but it’s always good to know you’re coming.



We are mainly a bar, so we have a lot of things to drink.

Some of these things are cheap (pints of Amstel 3£, vodka + mix 2.90£, jager 2£) and some of them are fancy.

Highlights include our gin shelf – nine top class gins from around the country (and Ireland) –  a wide and varied selection of beers, local and far fetched, and some really yummy wines.

Coffee comes from Dear Green, a local coffee roaster that cares a LOT about coffee.

DEAR GREEN Coffee Roasters

Softs come in all sizes, from cans of Bru to clubbers’ delight Club Mate, Wostok flavoured lemonades and Fritz Kola.

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