Saturday the 6th of August sees the return of GK Machine to the Flying Duck for a 5 hour DJ set. GK Machine is the head honcho of the amazing Glasgow based label Invisible Inc. We’d recommend taking the time to listen through the entirety of the label’s impressive back catalog but for those that want to get a bit of the flavour label before GK’s set with us on Saturday, we’ve compiled a playlist of our own personal favourite Invisible Inc tracks from each release so far. Enjoy!

1. Tim Love Lee – Trip Triangular (from INVINC 001 – Invisible Family EP)


2. Higamos Hogamos – Inwards Empire (From INVINC 002 – Fuzzy Majesty EP)


3. Poncho Brothers – Oro Liquido (From INVINC 003 – Disco Azteca EP)


4. Sordid Sound System Р Golden Pudel (From INVINC 004 РIn a Year of Thirteen Moons EP)


5. Tross – War of Apples (From INVINC 005 – Coast To Coast EP)

6. The Immaculate Rivombo – Stairway to Love Dungeon (From INVINC 006 – Invisible EP)


7. Secret Circuit – Rattlesnake Jelly (From INVINC 007 – Higher Planes Drifter EP)


8. Sordid Sound System – The Baron (From INVINC 008 – Lux Exterior EP)