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Squiggles / U.S. Highball / Lane Go-Go

The Flying Duck Presents...
/ Squiggles
/ U.S. Highball
/ Lane go-go

"You are not alone. You are a Squiggle. Together we are Squiggles. Squiggles is not a band. Squiggles is a cult.

From the super loved ashes of The Spook School comes a superhero - a mental health cult called Squiggles AKA Niall McCamley. "Squiggles comes from a dark place but it's meant to be fun, it’s meant to be silly, and it’s meant to be sad"
Check out 'Bend Becomes Break' from 'The Recruitment Drive EP' A proper power pop-punk single with running time of 1 min 32 sec. Job done, had fun, message clear.

Calvin Halliday and James Hindle of The Pooches share their passion for melody and brevity, and armed with just a drum machine, Casiotone organ, guitars and synth they formed U.S. Highball. Masters of irresistible jangling power pop the duo have released 'Great Record' on Lame-O Records. It's an astonishingly addictive listen full of sharply observed pop songs on DIY culture, art school posturing, the vagaries of modern queer existence and Greek tennis stars.

Lane go-go recently released 'Dora, Nora, Perry + Mel' a 4 track EP packed with exquisite pop, bargain show tunes and a collage of dramatic instrumentation leading into the avant garde. 'Tommy Too' breaks out the guitar and jangles away like the best DIY psych garage pop sounds around. Lane makes music with her pals and is doing okay I think? Yes very OK!

£6 On the Door