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Glasgow Comedy Festival: Julie Grady Thomas Bad Pancake

Julie Grady Thomas 
Bad Pancake

Hi, I’m Julie. I make loads of mistakes and hide them away. I call those Bad Pancakes. What happens when you stack up all your bad pancakes and share them with strangers? Food poisoning – obviously – but if they’re metaphorical pancakes, then joyous laughter, a newfound sense of togetherness, and a wicked fun work in progress.

'A very different kind of nerd' Squirrel Comedy

'Uniquely hilarious' Narc

'Hilarious & thought-provoking' Julie’s favorite punter

'Stark, dark ridiculousness' Julie’s new favorite punter

Note: no actual pancakes were harmed in the making of this show, nor will they be served.

The Flying Duck
Friday 22 March