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Taupe // Cul Zag // The DDN

Skatter-skronk nimble-honk commando team TAUPE return to Glasgow, touring their new EP release, GET THE KEYS.

Commemorating the evening when two passers-by attempted to steal the band's car and equipment - while they were still in it - the EP crystallises moments of shit-your-pants fear, adrenaline, relief and bafflement into a vivid lumpy soup of razor-sharp wonk riffs, exploratory free-jazz and explosive telekenesis.


Cul Zag is a made up name and it means nothing. Cul Zag is one person but many at the same time. Synths, real drums, drum machines and carrots. Cul Zag suck, really.


Sexy outsider ritual rock... the DDN abuses synths, samples, and their physical bodies, to deliver an electric art performance that both shocks and heals. Taking in a plethora of art and pop influences, the characterful DDN aims to agitate and excite and rip up the rulebook. With killer performances in London, Cardiff, Reykjavik... the DDN is an act like no other.

8pm - 11pm
£5 / Nobody turned away for lack of funds