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Brian Cunningham Album Release

Come join me and my chums for a night of good original music as I finally release my album to the universe. I'll be sharing the stage with some good friends, forming a band I want to call "the Dreamboats". Trust me, I wanted to call the event "Brian Cunningham and the Dreamboats" but it was agreed that it may be a little confusing. I've settled for "Brian, Mark, Chris and Scott share the stage just after Cat Caldwell and Neon Suicide tear the house down".

It isn't very snappy. But it's only a fiver, or £3 if you have your student ID. I'll also have limited edition* CDs for sale on the night!

The album will be previewed at 10pm right after our set and will go live at midnight... whatever that means.

Come down and say bye before I disappear down under for a wee while!

B xxx

*in that they are CDs and I probably won't get more pressed. So, on paper, "Limited Edition" is factually correct. There's no bonus features or anything, apart from being able to place a beer on it, or give it to your grandmother on her birthday... to place her beer on it. Either way, there's only about 50 of them and if you fancy buying one it'll cost you £5.